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Monthly Tees To Your Door

Let’s face it, golf tees aren’t the most exciting thing to have to buy all them time. So we’ve decided to take away the hassle. Simply choose the tees that you use and the amount you think you’d use in a normal month and hit subscribe.

Each month we’ll take the cost of the tees from your chosen payment method and send the tees out (with free shipping) to you. You don’t need to do a thing! Just relax in the knowledge that you won’t run out of tees and that you’re using a Green Tee’s sustainable, strong and environmentally friendly golf tees.


Your tees subscription will be sent out on the same day each month, like clockwork!

And like all Green Tees orders, they’ll reach you quickly & in biodegradable / recyclable packaging. Tees will be shipped loose in the packaging that we use to further reduce the environmental impact of every order. However, if you want your tees to come in packets (like the images below) then just let us know and we’ll happily bag them up for you!

recyclable packaging green tees golfrecyclable packaging green tees golf

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