Putting Laser – Golf Training Aid


Make sure that you’re lining up your putts correctly and improve your aim on the course. Our laser easily screws on to your putter and can come off just as quickly.

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The Putting Laser – Golf Training Aid By Green Tees.

We have produced this putting laser Training aid in order to improve your golf. There’s a million products out there that all claim to shave shot off your score, but we all know; the putting green is where we all have shots to save!

Wether you’re a player who uses the classic reverse over-lap grip, the Vardon grip, the Claw or anything else – there’s one element of your putting stroke that needs to be spot on every single time. That’s your aim. Aiming even a few millimetres off line can mean that you miss the hole by miles or (sometimes even worse) by hardly anything at all.

Every putt that doesn’t go in the hole is as important as every other shot you hit getting to the green.

Picture this: Dave hits 3 off the tee. No worries if he can get to the green in regulation with his second ball and one putt. Chuck a 3-putt in to that scenario and Dave is headed for a big score.

The Green Tees Putting Laser attaches to any putter. Once it’s loosely fitted on your putter’s shaft, turn on the laser take a minute to align the Laser beam so it is pointing straight forward – where a perfectly hit ball would go.  Then simply set a target in the distance, stand over your ball and line up the laser on the target. This training aid is all about setting up your putts correctly.

If your putt is never lined up Properly, you never had a chance!

The laser is shipped in a cardboard box with not much more. We always ship with as few things that can be wasted, as possible: such as delivery notes, instructions etc. When you receive your delivery: open the box then scan the QR code inside for set up and usage instructions and away you go.

You can view the instructional voice, anytime, here: instagram.com

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