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Bamboo Castle Golf Tee Monthly Subscription

Castle Bamboo Golf Tees to Replace Plastic – Same Sizes As Red, Pink & Orange Graduated Plastic Tees!

We’re challenging plastic tees head-on! Our bamboo castle golf tees are identical in size to their plastic counterparts, they take a hell of a beating and they’re amazing for the environment. Replace your plastic with bamboo today!

Depending on what tee you’re replacing in your golf bag – we’ve coloured the logo on the top of each tee, so you can see if you have the correct size at a glance. All done with non-toxic inks, of course.

bamboo plastic golf tees red pink and orange



Graduated 32mm / 1¼” Golf Tees

Our red bamboo castle tee is a like-for-like swap for the plastic ones in your arsenal. They’re small, normally used for iron shots and as a result they’re the most commonly left out on the golf course. Make the change today to our biodegradable replacements and see no difference in performance – but know you’re doping the right thing for the environment!

bamboo plastic golf tees red



Graduated 57mm / 2¼” Golf Tees

Very clearly the most commonly use tee in club golf is the pink plastic tee. Our pink bamboo tee is an exact replacement for the plastic ones in your bag! So make the switch to our environmental alternative today.

bamboo plastic golf tees pink



Graduated 79mm / 2¾” Golf Tees

At Green Tees, these tees have been come to know at the Big Orange Bombers. A high tee is said to encourage the player to hit the ball on the way up, encouraging longer drives. If you’ve been using the plastic orange tees – this is a direct but biodegradable replacement for you.

bamboo plastic golf tees orange

Bamboo Castle Golf Tees

Graduated tees are great for consistency. Every time you stick one in the ground, you know exactly how far from the ground your golf ball is. Cue a perfect shot, every time. Well, at leased that’s the idea! This style of tee is the latest addition to the Green Tees range of tees because we know that they only normally exist in plastic form. And if we’re going to get rid of plastic tees once and for all – we need to meet their benefits head on. Try them today and see how our castle tees are not only better looking than plastic, but they’re as strong as plastic and great for the environment. Make the change today to castle Bamboo Golf Tees and Replace Plastic in your golf bag.

Main features:

  • Same size and shape as plastic Castle Tees
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Compostable / recyclable packaging
  • Made 100% bamboo

Get through tees regularly? Then perhaps consider joining our subscription program. Prices start from £1.49 per month. For more information visit our non-subscriptions page.

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Key features:

  • Castle / graduated golf tee subscription – get them delivered on the same day every month
  • Payment taken automatically on the same day every month
  • Made from super strong, sustainable and environmentally friendly bamboo
  • Same size and shape as plastic Castle Tees
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Compostable packaging

Free delivery to mainland UK addresses.

Order any day before 12pm and your order will be shipped the same day. We ship using Royal Mail 2nd Class Post unless otherwise specified.

In an extra effort on saving waste, all orders are shipped loose to you in the postage boxes – not in packets. If this doesn’t work for you, simply drop us a message and we’ll sort out exactly what you need.

♻️ Please remember to recycle the packaging that your order arrives in ♻️

Weight25 g
Dimensions150 × 25 × 110 mm

Red (32mm / 1¼"), Pink (57mm / 2¼"), Orange (79mm / 2¾")


10 Tees, 20 Tees, 30 Tees, 50 Tees, 100 Tees

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