Large Green Tees Golf Valuables Bag


Measuring 10″ x 9.5″ this valuables bag is big enough to suit any needs. It’ll hold your wallet & keys. Or your iPad and phone. And it’s lined with velvet to keep them comfortable. The bag also features a handy clip and drawstring so it can go anywhere and keep your valuables (or golf tees) safe and conveniently located.


The Large Green Tees Valuables Bag Is here

In an effort to reduce waste in golf even further, we started designing bags. The Green Tees large Golf Valuables Bag is the kind of bag that will hang from your golf bag and with the intention of storing your tees in a convenient place. Over time as these bags become more popular, we hope that more and more Pro Shops will stop selling our biodegradable golf tees in packets and they all start selling them out loose. Pouring them straight in to bags like these.

This first bag from Green Tees, the large Golf Valuables Bag, is perhaps a little too big for this purpose. It would comfortably hold an iPad Pro, a number of valuables, or A LOT of golf tees. The bag comes equipped with a clip for conveniently hanging anywhere your have a loop or appendage on your golf bag. And our bag comes with a drawstring. Tis means that you can secure what’s inside from falling out.


The large Golf Valuables Bag is made from incredibly durable materials – this bag stands alongside our environmentally conscious products, not because of the materials that it is made from, but because it is a bag that will last you forever. It’s the last large valuables bag that you’ll ever need to buy. If it ever falls apart or it’s quality doesn’t send up to what you’d expect – simply get in touch. We’ll swap or refund you without question. Forever. That’s how confident we are in the quality of this bag.

In the words of Henry Ford – it’s available in any colour. As long as it’s black (with a white logo). The logo is embroidered for a very high quality feel and the interior of the bag is lined with velvet to keep your valuables from scratches and muck.

You can see our tees in use by amateurs and pros on our instagram page. And learn more about our mission on our blog here.

Order any day before 12pm and your order will be shipped the same day. We ship using Royal Mail 2nd Class Post unless otherwise specified.

In an extra effort on saving waste, all orders are shipped loose to you in the postage boxes – not in packets. If this doesn’t work for you, simply drop us a message and we’ll sort out exactly what you need.

♻️ Please remember to recycle the packaging that your order arrives in ♻️

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