Hanging Ball – Golf Swing Training Aid


Inflate (pump included) and hang the ball around your neck from the adjustable strap. Then practice your golf swing holding the ball between your elbows. This simple tool will promote consistency in your golf swing!

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The Green Tees Hanging Ball Golf Swing Training Aid

Consistency is key in golf. Invariably it’s the difference between good scores and bad scores. The Hanging Ball training aid is works to make sure that your golf swing looks and works the same every time.

The inflatable ball (Pump included) hangs around your neck via an adjustable strap. Set it up when you’re in your address position, ie ready to make your golf swing, the ball can be gripped between the inside of your elbows. You then simply make your swing, keeping the ball gripped in it’s position until you have completed your swing.

Video featuring European Tour pro Ben Stow

Holding our insulated ball between your arms when practicing a golf swing stops many common mistakes. The mistakes include over-swinging, not turning enough, swinging in-to-out and many more. The Hanging Ball training aid is not just for those players looking to fix a problem with their game; its also commonly used my a number of PGA Tour professional golfers. Including Tommy Fleetwood and Tryrrell Hatton.

You can find other Green Tees golf training aids here and see them in action on our instagram page.

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