Standard Bamboo Golf Tees


Choose below what size biodegradable bamboo golf tees you need. Pick from three sizes: 42mm / 1 ¾”, 54mm / 2 ⅛”, 70mm / 2 ¾” and or 83mm / 3¼” golf tees. Save the environment with a stronger and more durable peg.


Biodegradable Bamboo Standard Golf Tees

Green Tees are made from incredibly environmentally friendly Bamboo – which is not only great for nature but makes for golf tees that are much stronger than wood. We specialise in biodegradable bamboo golf tees which if left out on the course, leave behind no negative impacts.

Biodegradable bamboo golf tees sizes:

42mm / 1 ¾” Standard Shaped Golf Tees

Our bamboo Green Tees are crazy strong, biodegradable and won’t harm the course if left out there. The 42mm tees are designed for hitting an iron off which helps you on those tricky tee shots or par 3s and almost never breaking on you.

54mm / 2 ⅛” Standard Shaped Golf Tees

Say no to plastic golf tees! Our 54mm or 2 ⅛” tees are perfect for hitting a wood from. Typically a 3-wood, a 5-wood or striking a low flying driver.

70mm / 2 ¾” Standard Shaped Golf Tees

Tee it up high! 70mm or 2 ¾” tees are perfect for hitting those larger woods. Normally a driver. Our tees are less likely than normal wooden tees to break when you smash one down the fairway (or elsewhere?!).

83mm / 3¼” Standard Shaped Golf Tees

After a lot of demand, we’ve introduced the 83mm or 3 ¼” tees. Which are perfect for hitting a driver from. It’s big. If you like your ball high from the ground when teeing off – this is the one.


Bamboo grows so quickly that you can hear it with the naked human ear. It’s also incredibly strong. And, uncoated, it’s biodegradable! These three points make it the perfect material for making golf tees. In addition to this, our Green Tees can be hit over and over without snapping and if they do snap off and are lost on the course, they leave behind no negative impacts on the course, environment or wildlife. Moreover, we have more sizes coming soon – including an extra long 83mm 3¼”.

Main features:

  • Comparatively tougher than wooden tees
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Made 100% from bamboo
  • Biodegradable bamboo golf tees
  • For more info on Bamboo’s benefits, take a look here.

nb. Golf balls pictured are not included.

As well as that, take a look at our tees in use on our instagram page here. Interested in Castle / Graduated Golf Tees? The look here.

Weight20 g
Dimensions20 × 100 × 150 mm

42mm, 54mm, 70mm, 83mm


10, 20, 30, 50, 100

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