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Bamboo Castle / Graduated tees are here to replace your plastic tees. They’re just as strong but they’re good for the environment. Try them today to experience the quality and we’re sure you’ll never go back to plastic!

Before you add to your cart – check the tee dimensions (in the images) are what you want.


We’ve created a range of golf pencils that look and feel identical to our 83mm Standard Golf Tees. Buy your pack of 4 pencils today with free shipping. More info available here: Green Tees Bamboo Tee Pencils.


Bamboo Castle Golf Tees

Our Castle / Graduated Biodegradable Bamboo Golf Tees are our first step in taking on plastic tees head on. We understand that golfers at all levels like plastic tees and there have been no direct comparisons in golf tees made from natural materials. Until now. And because these tees are bamboo – they’re incredibly strong!


32mm / ½” Castle / Graduated Golf Tees

Hit whatever you like from them – over and over and over and over! Tough and small. If you’re looking for a small castle (somewhere between Red and Blue), this size is for you. They’re super strong and an exciting addition to the Green Tees product line-up. 18mm of tee above ground, 14mm spike below ground. See images.

60mm / 2¾” Castle / Graduated Golf Tees

60mm or 2 ¾” tees are perfect for hitting a variety of clubs and shots from. Castle tees are great for getting consistent height on your golf ball. 30mm of tee above the ground.

70mm / 2¼” Castle / Graduated Golf Tees (Same as PINK PLASTIC TEES)

Say no to plastic golf tees! 70mm or 2 ¾” tees are the same as the world’s most popular plastic castle tee: the infamous plastic pink tee. So if that’s what you normally use, make the change and you won’t skip a beat! 41mm of tee above the ground.

83mm / 3¼” Castle / Graduated Golf Tees

83mm or 3 ¼” tees are perfect for hitting a driver from. It’s big. If you like your ball high from the ground when teeing off – this is the one. 42mm of tee above ground.


Castle Bamboo Golf Tees

Graduated tees are great for consistency. Every time you stick one in the ground, you know exactly how far from the ground your golf ball is. Cue a perfect shot, every time. Well, at leased that’s the idea! This style of tee is the latest addition to the Green Tees range of tees because we know that they only normally exist in plastic form. And if we’re going to get rid of plastic tees once and for all – we need to meet their benefits head on. Try them today and see how our castle tees are not only better looking than plastic, but they’re as strong as plastic and great for the environment.

Main features:

  • Same size and shape as plastic Castle Tees
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Compostable / recyclable packaging
  • Made 100% bamboo

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99p delivery to mainland UK addresses.

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In an extra effort on saving waste, all orders are shipped loose to you in the postage boxes – not in packets. If this doesn’t work for you, simply drop us a message and we’ll sort out exactly what you need.

♻️ Please remember to recycle the packaging that your order arrives in ♻️

Weight25 g
Dimensions150 × 25 × 110 mm

32mm, 54mm, 60mm, 70mm, 83mm


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