Personalised bamboo golf tees for your golf course, brand or event.



We now offer personalised bamboo golf tees. We can print any your logo in any colour on our bamboo golf tees in any size tees you would like. Green Tees has the widest range of biodegradable golf tees available on the market and you can now brand them with your company’s logo with short wait times and in low quantities.

At present we supply personalised bamboo golf tees to brands such as Royal St George’s Golf Club and Trendy Golf.


Green Tees

We’ve started a revolution in golf by replacing wooden tees with their stronger and more environmentally friendly counterparts, made from bamboo. At Green Tees, we’ve also taken it another step further by making our bamboo castle tees as a direct alternative to plastic tees.

Bamboo is strong than wood. It’s more environmentally friendly than wood to make and if left out on the golf course. And bamboo’s advantages, environmentally, over plastic are immeasurable.

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