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Launched in February 2020, specialising in manufacturing & selling biodegradable golf tees, Green Tees Golf has developed to be the world’s first 100% sustainable golf retailer. We are working with a number of brands to provide high quality and environmentally responsible products.


Starting with adidas, who are aiming to be 100% plastic free by 2024, Green Tees Golf set out to locate unique and forward thinking golf brands around the world who are leading the way in sustainability.


From shipping materials (or lack thereof) to the packaging that we use to present our products; everything is made with as much attention to sustainability as the products themselves.

Tearaway Top

Designed with ease of use for golfers and offers the ability to use the bag to hold tees after opening.

Non-Toxic Inks

All printing is done with the same principles that we use when producing our products – having no affect on the packets ability to biodegrade.


Made from high-quality and robust Kraft paper to combine quality and environmentalism.

Intuitive Design

At a glance you can see the exact size of the tees inside and (in the case of castle tees) the corresponding colour of plastic equivalent tees.

170mm x 110mm

Every Green Tee’s packet is the same size and comfortably holds 30 tees but doesn’t take up lots of space in your golf bag.


The majority of our tees are made from bamboo. In the very near future we expect 100% of our tees to be made from bamboo. It’s an incredible material and here’s some reasons why:

  1. Bamboo can be harvested as quickly as 1 year after being planted. Compare that to most hardwoods – which take around 40 years to reach a harvestable condition.
  2. Bamboo, like hardwood trees, absorbs carbon dioxide. Bamboo’s advantage is that it releases around 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees.
  3. Very little waste. Making our tees from Bamboo actually uses almost 100% of the materials harvested.
  4. Bamboo grows fast! Some types can grow up to 3 feet in a single day!!
  5. Bamboo tees are tougher than hardwood tees. They take more of an impact to break. And even when they do break, their fibrous make-up means that they don’t normally snap and can be simply bent back in to shape.


Over recent years, and rightly so, golf as a sport has started to become more environmentally aware. Golf’s initiatives range from reducing the use of single use plastics at large events to changing what chemicals are allowed on golf courses.

We wanted to join the revolution by creating a golf brand that is as much about being environmentally conscious as it is about providing quality products to golfers.

Our golf tees are made from sustainable bamboo and shipped in recycled & recyclable materials. Since launching we’ve introduced a variety of products to help the environment, to help golfers to look better and to help golfers play better. All of which are either produced or shipped and handled in environmentally responsible ways.

We’ve now branched out beyond sustainable golf tees to become the world’s first sustainable golf retailer – stocking products from brands including adidas, Reflo, Sounder and many more.


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