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Green Tees Golf

The Environmental Golf Brand

Environmental & Premium Golf Products

From our range of biodegradable golf tees made from bamboo or biodegradable plastics to our wide collection of other golf products & training aids - everything is produced, handled and shipped with quality and the environment in mind.

Golf Specialists

Our in-house design team have expertise in engineering, design and golf. This means that every product that we manufacture and sell has been made or chosen with years of experience and understanding backing it up.


Our ranges of biodegradable golf tees have been made with the environment in mind as much as quality of product for golfers. We send out every order without excess packing, delivery notes and other throw away items - all shipped in recyclable or compostable packaging.

UK Based

Green Tees products are designed, packed and shipped from our dedicated facility on Southampton, UK. Our diverse and growing team work tirelessly to ensure that we provide quality and reliability to our customers for every order.

The Widest Range of Tees

Green Tees is proud to be offering the largest selection of biodegradable golf tees available anywhere! From our 4 standard sizes of bamboo tees. 3 sizes (more coming) or bamboo castle tees. And the introduction of our exciting new biotees made from biodegradable plastics.

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Green Tees Packaging


Made from high quality and robust Kraft paper for a premium and environmental look & feel.

Tearaway Top

Designed with ease of use for golfers and offers the ability to use the bag to hold tees after opening.

Non-toxic Inks

All printing is done with Green Tees environmentalism in mind - not affecting the packet’s ability to biodegrade.

Intuitive Design

At a glance you can see the exact size of the tees inside and (in the case of castle tees) the corresponding colour of plastic equivalent tees.

170mm x 110mm

Every Green Tee’s packet is the same size and comfortably holds 30 tees but doesn't take up lots of space in your golf bag.

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